Qualities You Should Look for in an Independent Adjuster

You’ve probably heard of claims adjusters before, but do you know the difference between public, independent, and staff adjusters? Knowing the difference, and what to look for, can help you navigate catastrophes or property damages with far less stress and pain.

  • Staff adjusters are part of an insured individual’s insurance company. They are often chosen by availability and locality to an event.
  • Independent adjusters are called upon by staff adjusters to assist in fulfilling their claims. Often these individuals help staff adjuster during catastrophes when an influx of claims occur, and one team cannot handle all of them, or when a claim requires special expertise.

Knowing what qualities to look for in an independent adjuster and picking the right one can mean a world of difference in a claims case.


The number one feature of a good independent adjuster is honesty.

You need an impartial independent adjuster who will review the events and document the details. This adjuster will fully document the damages from the catastrophe and provide a full scope of the claim.

It’s important to pick an independent adjuster with a solid reputation and a history of accurate reports and recommendations.

Clear Communication

Communication is important in any field of work, though in claims, service it is paramount.

During a catastrophe, or large property claim, many individuals and companies may be part of the claims process. With clear communication, priorities can be established, research can be completed quickly, and insurance agencies will be able to track the progress of a claim.

Communication is an important skill for adjusters in order to provide a smooth claims experience for all parties involved in the claim.

Time Management

Finding an adjuster with great communication and consistent accuracy is important, but time management is the third loop needed to tie values of an independent adjuster together.

After a catastrophe, time is the most important resource. It’s the days without a home, days of a business being closed, or simply time when property isn’t reimbursed. You need an independent adjuster who works efficiently and quickly to complete a claim and send to the insurance company.

Managing time wisely is key to ensuring a successful adjuster.

Contact a Reputable Independent Adjuster

If you’re look for an honest, efficient, hardworking, and reliable independent adjuster, contact Alternative Claims Services (ACS) today at 800-354-5732. With over 700 adjusters in 48 states, ACS has a great claims expert ready and able to help with your catastrophe wherever you are, whenever it happens.

ACS has been faithfully serving clients since 1998 and takes pride in having accurate adjusters with excellent communication and time management skills.