Desk Adjusting Services

We offer a customized inside desk adjusting product to meet whatever needs you have for property, casualty and catastrophic claims all across the United States. Our desk adjusters are able to work in your office, our office or work remotely based on your specific needs.

Desk adjusting is a great way to control costs and ensure you have the necessary resources to maintain high customer satisfaction standards as they are needed. We can provide not only the desk adjusters, but also managers and a quality assurance team to ensure the work meets your high expectations.

You may want to maximize your employees at onsite investigations during a catastrophic event. Or, you just don’t have enough desk adjusters to handle the claim count spikes from these events. Someone still needs to be able to cut checks, review and approve estimates and handle the daily claims which are still coming in.

Our staff can implement your processes and guidelines as well as work within your claim systems as needed. The adjusters are capable of applying coverage, communicating with field adjusters, paying claims and keeping the insured updated throughout the process.

There has also been an increase in the focus on work life balance in younger generations leading to higher staff turnover and more vacation days. With baby boomers retiring, the industry is losing decades of knowledge causing insurance carriers to have a younger and younger work force, which leads to more training time and lower efficiency.

There are even short-term situations such as needing someone to manage an adjuster’s desk who is out on leave. As a result, the industry is seeing staffing shortages in lines of business where this is not usually a consideration. We are there to help with desk adjusting as these needs occur.

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