We know an efficient – from 30 minutes to less than 2 hour – response time to an accident scene is vital. This quick response time allows the gathering of fresh and accurate information. The ability to gather this information quickly and efficiently allows you to have an accurate claim file with the facts of the scene.

ACS has a national footprint with over 500+ members on our On-Site Inspection team. We are ready to respond at a moment’s notice. By being strategically placed, our On-Site Inspection team arms us with the capability to quickly arrive on-scene for any call-out when dealing with time-sensitive assignments. We are able to handle every aspect of your assignment, from full-adjustment to task assignments with client-specific, tailored reporting to capture everything your team holds valuable when handling a claim.

With over 20+ years of claims handling and investigative experience, we hold valuable our clients needs and service demands. When timeliness matters and you need a representative on the scene, we are equipped to deploy within a moments notice.

For Emergency/After Hours Claims, please call our team at 913-901-6419 and they will assist you in getting the assignment handled. During Business Hours, we can also be reached at 800-354-5732.

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